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Making the decision to drive a motor vehicle while intoxicated is not only an irresponsible choice which could endanger your life, but each year hundreds, if not thousands, of innocent people die or are severely injured simply because of the decision to drive drunk. Thanks to the ongoing efforts of companies, such as Breathalyzers USA, opting to drive while intoxicated is no longer an excuse and when going through our website, internet buyers will be able to find various breathalizer kits which can suit any budget. The costs which could result in a DUI arrest could amount to as much as $9,328.00 while the price of one of the most affordable breathalizers is $59.99. Now ignorance is no longer acceptable and the breathalizer kits will not only eliminate the risk of having to paying thousands of dollars for a DUI charge, but above all, drivers who make the decision to use a breathalizer before operating a motor vehicle will know if they are safe to drive and they will not be putting the lives of innocent road users at risk. With the many advances made, driving while intoxicated can no longer be put to ignorance and since we offer a number of breathalizers at varied costs, online users will be able to source the correct breathalizer that will not only meet their particular needs, but their budgets.

A breathalizer has a sensor module, and the module is the most important component of a breathalizer, as it will be used to determine the blood-alcohol level. However, with regular use, the sensor module tends to clog due to residue and with a clogged sensor module, inaccurate readings can be obtained. The advanced alcohol breathalizer offered by Breathalyzers USA has a senor module which may be easily installed if needed and the unit will not require re-calibration, and as such, accurate results will be obtained. The founder of the company Breathalyzers USA, Archie Allan, began the company with the primary objective to allow consumers to select breathalizers which would not only prevent them from being arrested for DUI, but a breathalizer that would be able to accurately determine their blood-alcohol level. The breathalizer thus informs the driver if they are safe to drive.

We have a number of breathalizer types, such as the AlcoMate Prestige AL6000, the AlcoMate Core, the Omega Point BreathKey and the AlcoScan AL2500, and online users will be able to view the full details of each breathalizer via the Breathalyzers USA website, The AlcoMate Premium breathalizer is available for the cost of just $184.95 and this breathalizer kit comes with five free mouthpieces, a carry pouch with carabiner and a power car adapter. When browsing our website, online users will be able to make use of the information posted on our website, such as the 'how to choose a breathalizer, which will help them to make the right choice when purchasing a breathalizer. In order to see the complete details of breathalizers, go through the Breathalyzers USA website.