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Too many of us have been there, you go to the bar only intending on having one drink and then hanging out for a while till it passes out of your system, then you have had so much fun that you end up having more than one drink. You feel ok but you are still not sure if you are legal to drive and you certainly do not want to be on the road impaired but more importantly you do not want to be driving if you are over the legal limit and not safe to drive. If you had a digital alcohol tester you could make sure that you are safe to drive before you get behind the wheel. The digital alcohol tester has come a long way in the last few years with technology being perfected to the point that you can now buy your own personal tester to take with you when you go out. These new testers are extremely accurate provided that you purchase the right ones, and offer you at least a measure of insurance that if you are under the legal limit that you will not get stopped for a DUI. Keep in mind that you can still be charged with driving while impaired, as many people are still impaired even when their BAC is under .08.

It is imperative to do some reading about testers to ensure that you understand enough about them to know how to buy and use one. Even with the best digital alcohol tester if you do not know what you are doing you can still get a false reading that will result in you getting arrested for a DUI. Even worse you could get on the road when you should not be and end up hurting somebody. While using a digital alcohol tester is a great way to ensure that your blood alcohol is under the legal limit, you will need to use some common sense as well. If you can feel the effects of the alcohol, wait until you do not, before you get behind the wheel. If your blood alcohol is still in legal limits and you feel completely normal then you know it is not only legal to drive is safe to drive as well. When looking for a digital alcohol tester it is important that you take the time to look for one that has a mouth piece, this is the single most important way you can ensure that your readings will be more accurate.

The blow over tester is accurate when used properly but the margin for error in using it correctly leaves too much room for you to end up behind the wheel when you should not be. You should also be able to calibrate your tester or you should be able to replace the sensor, a new technology that is new on the market that saves you the hassle and expense of having to send your tester to be calibrated. Breathalyzer USA offers a full line of breathalyzers including a personal digital alcohol tester that you can keep in your pocket for whenever you need it. They offer information about testers to help you understand which one to buy and how to use.