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We all know we should not go out to drink then get behind the wheel of a car and yet many of us still do, maybe only having one or two drinks, but still taking the chance that we are not fit to drive, may end up getting a DUI or even worse causing an accident. Many of us have started using the practice of a designated driver to avoid this problem while still others have turned to a digital alcohol detector to determine whether their BAC or blood alcohol content is below the legal limit. A digital alcohol detector made for personal use is essentially a breathalyzer much the same as the ones used by law enforcement when they stop a person suspected of drinking too much. In the past these units were out of the price range of the average person, the type of technology used to make them accurate was more expensive than most people could afford for this purpose.

As technology has improved however, the less expensive units that use a different method to measure the alcohol have become far more accurate with a BAC of less than .15. As a personal digital alcohol detector this is plenty as anyone with this high of a BAC certainly knows they should not be driving. The only one that needs accuracy at this higher level is law enforcement that must have accurate numbers for their records. Keep in mind that a digital alcohol detector should only be used as a guide; you should also use your common sense to decide if you are impaired or not since you can still be stopped and charged for impairment even if your BAC is under .08. Used responsibly a digital alcohol detector should be used to understand how many drinks you can tolerate before being over the legal limit and how much time you need before you are safe to drive home.

You may also wish to use the detector to double check yourself after one or two drinks, you may feel perfectly fine but your BAC may still be over .08. Be sure that you purchase a digital alcohol detector that is FDA certified, and has certain important features, such a mouth piece and either an adjustable or replaceable sensor. A mouth piece requires that you blow directly into the unit rather than blowing over the unit; this reduces the room for error and ensures a more accurate reading. The sensor that measures your BAC will get less and less accurate over time, especially as residue builds up, so the breathalyzer you buy will either need to be sent in to be recalibrated or should have a replaceable sensor, make sure the model you buy has one of the two. Drinking responsibly can not only save you a DUI but it can save lives as well, a digital alcohol detector can be a great tool to ensure that you only drive when you are legal and safe to drive. Breathalyzers USA offers a full line of high quality breathalyzers for personal and professional use, and can give you information on how to use them properly to ensure they are accurate and the most beneficial to you.