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As the laws have stiffened for DUI more and more people have become aware of the need to not drink and drive, and with that awareness has come a huge surge in the popularity of buying digital alcohol breath tester or breathalyzer to test your breath before you get behind the wheel. Not all of these breath testers are the same however so it is very important to know a bit about them before you may the move to purchase one. First you need to understand a bit of how a digital alcohol breath tester works so that you will know what it is that you are buying. A breathalyzer works by measuring the amount of alcohol that is exhaled from your lungs; this alcohol comes from the alcohol that is in your blood stream as it passes through your lungs. The alcohol evaporates and can be smelled and detected in your breath. There are two different sensor types in a digital alcohol breath tester, the semi-conductor and fuel cell sensors. If you are purchasing a personal alcohol breath tester chances are good that you are buying a semi-conductor model as the fuel cell sensor is much more expensive than the semi- conductor unit is.

Both units are very accurate to a certain blood alcohol level, whereas the fuel cell unit is accurate at much higher levels, in most cases a personal unit does not need to have this level of accuracy as it will be assumed that if you are using it, that you are not sure if you are above the legal limit or not. It is important to ensure that your digital alcohol breath tester has a mouth piece, not all of them do. This mouth piece ensures that your breath to be measured for blood alcohol does not contain any external air which will naturally give you an inaccurate reading and one that could cause you to get a DUI should you get stopped. If more than one person will use the breath tester you may wish to consider a blow over test, as it keeps people from touching the mouth piece however keep in mind that this type of test must be used correctly or it is not very accurate.

Another important consideration is whether or not your digital alcohol breath tester can be calibrated, it is important that you can either calibrate the device or replace the sensor to ensure that breath tester will remain accurate. The sensor will lose its accuracy over time, if you cannot calibrate the sensor or replace it, then you will get an inaccurate reading that again could mean you may end up with a DUI. Expect to pay at least $50 for your digital alcohol breath tester, any less than that and you will be getting a unit that does not have an accurate reading. The more you pay for your breath tester the better quality you will get and the more accurate you can expect it to be. Breathalyzer USA offers reliable good quality breathalyzers that you can count on for accurate results when you need them as well as good information about their use.