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With an increasing awareness of DUI and the ever increasing penalties that surround getting a DUI more people than ever are becoming aware of the consequences of drinking and driving. With that has come an increased surge interest in breathalyzers, which with the increase in the technology surrounding them and the slowly growing demand are becoming available as personal units that you can carry in your car or on your person. While there has been some concern and criticism that these devices may be used incorrectly or irresponsibly, most agree that if used properly they can be a great tool.

The key is to understand that even if you test under the legal limit of .08 BAC or Blood alcohol content, that you may still be impaired and can still be a danger on the road, as well get cited for driving while impaired. You should only use breathalyzers as one guide as to whether you are ok to drive, in general if you are feeling the effects of the alcohol in your system then you should not drive. If you have had a drink but feel fine, then this would be a proper use of the breathalyzer to ensure that you are legal to drive.

It is also important to understand that if you do not use breathalyzers correctly that they will give inaccurate readings, leading you to falsely assume that you are ok to drive when in fact you may not be. Keep in mind that when you consume alcohol it goes into your small intestine and from there into your blood stream; from there it goes to all parts of your body before it is filtered out of your system by your liver. When the blood circulates through your lungs, the alcohol evaporates out of your blood; this is what gives the reading to the breathalyzer.

To get an accurate reading from breathalyzers you must wait for 20 minutes after you have had a drink or have smoked, otherwise the alcohol in your mouth will interfere with the readings of your test. This also gives the alcohol time to reach your blood stream and your lungs, if you do the test any sooner it is liable to be artificially high or low depending on the amount of alcohol you have consumed.

To get the best idea of your BAC you will want to regularly monitor your level of intoxication not only can this help you to understand the amount of alcohol that you can consume legally but it will help you identify how quickly your body processes the alcohol, when it will reach its peak and start dropping off. This information may be more important than what your BAC is as it will allow you to know when to stop and how long you will need after you stop before you are fit to drive. Breathalyzers used in this manner can not only help you avoid a DUI but can help save lives.

For high quality breathalyzers that you can trust take a look at the BreathalyzerUSA website, it offers a wide range of breathalyzers for personal use and larger more sophisticated units for organizations such as law enforcement, detox centers and schools.