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Thanks to the efforts of Breathalyzers USA, drivers will be able to protect themselves from a costly DUI arrest, or worse, driving while under the influence is putting the lives of other road users at risk. The costs involves in an average DUI amounts to about $9,328.00, and considering the fact that our most affordable breathalyzer tester is only $59.99, drivers can know their limit, save a life and spare themselves from the need to find thousands of dollars to cover a DUI charge. The founder of the company Breathalyzers USA, Archie Allan, started the company with the fundamental objective to provide consumers with a breathalyzer tester which could not only be used to prevent a DUI arrest, but a breathalyzer tester which would be able to accurately determine the blood-alcohol content. A portable breathalyzer tester is one of the most accurate of methods of determining whether the driver is safe to be in control of an automobile and more than the breathalyzer tester being able to save the life of the driver and passengers, by obtaining accurate breathalyzer tester readings, the safety of other road users will also be increased.

Breathalyzers USA is determined to make a breathalyzer tester affordable to all road users, and the breathalyzer tester will be able to notify them if driving is safe and that they do not pose a threat to innocent road users. Due to the advances which have been made in breathalyzer testers, there is no longer an excuse for driving while under the influence of alcohol, and because of the fact that we offer a range of breathalyzer testers at varying costs, online users will find a breathalyzer tester which best suits their needs and their budgets. Each breathalyzer tester is fitted with a sensor module and this module is what is used to determine the blood-alcohol level, and with regular use, the sensor module tends to clog with residue and this may cause inaccurate readings to be achieved. However, the state-of-the-art breathalyzer tester, which if available on the Breathalyzers USA website, has been fitted with a sensor module that can be self-installed when needed and the unit need no re-calibration and the breathalyzer tester offers accurate results at all times. We have a number of breathalyzer testers, which include the AlcoMate Prestige AL6000, the AlcoMate Core, the Omega Point BreathKey and the AlcoScan AL2500, and full details of each breathalyzer tester can be seen via the Breathalyzers USA website,

The AlcoMate Premium breathalyser can be purchased for $184.95, and this breathalyzer tester kit comes with five free mouthpieces, a carry pouch with carabiner and a power car adapter. The AlcoMate Prestige breathalyzer tester is a great deal and the basic breathalyzer tester pack needs no calibration and the breathalyzer tester will be supplied with the advanced replaceable calibrated sensor module. In order to view the full details of both the breathalyzer testers, visit the Breathalyzers USA website,