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The cost of an average DUI is $9,328.00, and the price of our most affordable breathalyser is $59.99, so why run the risk of forking over thousands of dollars for a DUI charge, and more than simply paying for a DUI, Breathalyzers USA will provide the motorist with a breathalyser which will inform them if their driving is safe, and they will not pose a threat to innocent road users. With the advances which have been made, there is no excuse for driving under the influence, and due to the fact that we offer different breathalysers at different costs, online users will be able to find a breathalyser best suited to their needs and their pockets. All types of breathalysers are equipped with a sensor module and this module is used to determine the blood-alcohol level, and over time, this sensor module becomes clogged with residue which results in inaccurate readings, and the advanced alcohol breathalyser offered via Breathalyzers USA has a senor module which may be self-installed when needed and the unit requires no re-calibration, and as such, accurate results are guaranteed. We offer various types of breathalysers, such as the AlcoMate Prestige AL6000, the AlcoMate Core, the Omega Point BreathKey and the AlcoScan AL2500, and full details of each breathalyser may be viewed on the Breathalyzers USA website,

Archie Allan is the founder of Breathalyzers USA and when the company began, its primary objective was to provide consumers with a breathalyser which not only prevented the risk of DUI offences, but was also able to accurately determine the blood-alcohol level of users. The breathalyser is the perfect method of determining if the driver is safe to be behind the wheel of motor vehicle, and besides the breathalyser saving the live of the driver, obtaining accurate breathalyser readings will add to the safety of other road users. By visiting our website, online users will be able to use the information which has been posted on our site, such as 'how to choose a breathalyser to allow them to make the right choice when they are ready to purchase a breathalyser. The AlcoMate Premium breathalyser is priced at just $184.95 and this breathalyser kit includes five free mouthpieces, carrying pouch with carabiner and a power car adapter. The AlcoMate Prestige is another of our great deals and this basic pack guarantees that no calibration will need to be done as it is supplied with the advanced replaceable calibrated sensor module. To view the full details of both breathalysers, feel free to visit the Breathalyzers USA website.

We have also posted ultimate deals on our site, and here online shoppers will be able to make their selection on breathalysers which have been proven to be the best buys and which are supplied with 50 free mouthpieces, power car adapter, and a pre-installed user changeable prism sensor module. With the affordable breathalyser prices, there is no longer an excuse to drive while intoxicated and run the risk of facing costly DUI charges and furthermore, the breathalyser will give you the chance to make the right decision and not drive drunk.