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Breathalyzer USA is located in Lansdale, Pennsylvania and they aim to provide their customers with high quality, tested and proven breath alcohol testers. All of their products are available with a hundred percent money back guarantee as Breathalyzer USA believes in customer satisfaction when it comes to operating a successful business. The breath alcohol tester can save lives and comes in very handy as it also stops the customers from being pulled over by the police and pay for costly DUI's. The alcohol breath tester can save the customers from a lot of trouble. Breathalyzer USA was founded by Archie Allan whose mission is to always provide his customers with only the state of the art products that are a hundred percent reliable. They conduct a field test on their items to ensure that the items are performing in the way that they are supposed to be performing.

They conduct all of these experiments before making the item available for sale for customers to purchase. So they provide their customers with high quality breath alcohol tester accessories, tools and useful information such as about DUI which will help them make a difference in their lives. From their featured breath alcohol tester products that are available online there is the alcomate prestige basic pack which is red in color. Just like the other products by Breathalyzer USA it is also shipped free to the customer via two day air shipping. The item does not need any calibration, it is FDA certified, has a deep lung air sampling system, an auto power off feature, a pressure sensor system, one way air mouthpiece and much more. The best part is that the breath alcohol tester also comes with a one year warranty. The breath alcohol tester by Breathalyzer USA is the first to feature a replaceable pre-calibrated alcohol sensor module. This feature provides customers with the ease of mind that they will not need to send the item every six to twelve months to the manufacturer to be re-calibrated.

The blood alcohol content can be checked in a very easy with the help of this item. All the user needs to do is turn the item on, wait for the sound of the beep then blow in to the mouth piece until they hear the second beep which normally takes about five seconds. After this they will see their results on display. If the blood alcohol level is more than 0.05% then a red warning light will be flashing. All of the breath analyzers at Breathalyzer USA are listed on the website with prices, pictures and descriptions so this way the customers will know exactly what they will be receiving. They can read through other customer reviews, learn how to choose the right breath alcohol tester for themselves, read about DUI and much more. If the customers are confused about which breath alcohol tester to choose then they contact the company directly today to speak with a helpful and friendly representative over the phone today.