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Breathalyzers USA is located in Lansdale, Pennsylvania and they specialize in providing high quality and professional Alcomate breathalyzers to their customers. The company was founded by Archie Allan who created a mission to always offer high quality products to their customers. Finding high quality products in the market today can be a daunting task. These products help customers to even save their lives and keep them out of trouble. All of their breathalyzers have been tested, proven and are available with a hundred percent money back guarantee. The reason they test all of the breathalyzers before selling them is to ensure that every product performs to its optimum before it is sold. One of the featured products at Breathalyzers USA is the Alcomate Premium Breathalyzer Basic Pack Price Saver which is available with five free mouth pieces, is the lowest in price, and has one pre-installed user-changeable sensor module and a carry pouch with a carabiner. This is the featured item on their website as it is the most up to date, accurate and easy to use breath alcohol testing system available in the market today. With this product the customer will not need to send it back to be recalibrated every six to twelve months.

The other features of this product include a unique design which enables it to easily fit inside any pocket, it has a cumulative test counter, an auto power off feature, a self diagnostic system, deep lung air sampling, an active pressure sensor and much more. It is surely the best choice from all of the Alcomate breathalyzers in the market today. There are even accessories for this product available on their website such as an Alcomate breathalyzer mouth piece, Alcomate premium sensor module, Alcomate core breathalyzer alcohol tester and many more. The list of categories that are on the website are Alcomate premium AL7000, Alcomate Accucell AL9000, Alcomate Core, Alcomate prestige AL6000, Omega Point Breathkey G10 an the AlcoScan AL2500. The customers can have an easy shopping experience by not having to search for the product they would like to purchase for hours on end. They can click on the category of their choice and view pictures, prices, detailed descriptions about the items available and even read past customer reviews. There is even in-depth information online about how a breathalyzer works, which one to choose, why you need a replaceable sensor, DUI information and much more.The best part is that Breathalyzers USA also provides their customers with free two day shipping on all of their breathalyzers. If customers are confused on which Alcomate breathalyzer will be the best one for them then they can contact the company directly over the phone to speak with a professional today. The helpful and friendly customer service representative will assist the customer throughout the transaction process from the beginning until the very end. Breathalyzers USA believe that the success of every company relies upon customer satisfaction and maintaining long term professional relationships with them.