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Breathalyzers USA specialize in providing their customers with tested, proven and professional Alcomate breathalyzers. The company was founded by Archie Allan who stated that the mission of the company was to always deliver high quality products to their customers. He also said that the Alcomate breathalyzer should always be a hundred percent reliable as these products are necessary to keep customers out of trouble and can also save their lives. All of their products have a hundred percent money back guarantee and all are the best that are available in the market today. The Alcomate breathalyzer collections are listed in different categories on the website. The different categories are Alcomate AccuCell AL9000, AlcoMate Core, Omega Point BreathKey G10, AlcoScan AL2500, Alcomate Premium AL7000 and many more. All of their products are listed on the website in such a way so that the customers can have an easy shopping experience. Customers can easily search for what they are exactly looking for without having to search for their favorite Alcomate breathalyzer for hours and hours.

All of the products also have listed pictures, prices and descriptions about them so this way the customers have an idea of they will be actually expecting. From one of Breathalyzers USA's featured items on their website there is the Alcomate Premium Breathalyzer Full Pack Price Saver. This product is available with five free mouth pieces, a carrying pouch with a carabiner, a deluxe carrying case, a power car adapter and one pre-installed and easy to use prism sensor. Just like all of the products that are available at Breathalyzers USA this Alcomate breathalyzer is also available at the most reasonable price. The customers also take advantage of free two day air shipping with all of their products ordered from the website. The Alcomate Premium Breathalyzer Full Pack Price Saver does not need any calibration whatsoever. It has a cumulative test counter, audible alerts and an indicator that shows when the battery is low, auto power off, a field testing kit and so much more. Its sleek design lets customers place it in any pocket they desire. This product is the most up-to-date, accurate and very user friendly.

The Alcomate breathalyzer is one of the best breath alcohol testing system available in the market today and there is no other product which can come close to its sleek design and unique features. All of the products that are available at Breathalyzers USA come with accessories too. For example, the Alcomate breathalyzer that was mentioned above has many accessories such as the Alcomate premium sensor module for sale, the Alcomate breathalyzer mouth piece, the Alcomate prestige breathalyzer alcohol detector and many more accessories. Breathalyzers USA provides customers with information about the importance of needing a replaceable sensor, how to shop for the right one, how the breathalyzer works, DUI information and other more useful information which will come in handy for the customers. If the customers are confused about which product to choose then they can call them directly and speak with a friendly representative over the phone today.