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Having an alcohol tester is a great idea as it can save lives and can also save the users of the product from police breath testing. Instead of being found DUI, customers can save themselves from the trouble by always having an alcohol tester handy. This is why Breathalyzer USA provides their customers with high quality and state of the art breath analyzers. The company was founded by Archie Allen who aims to only provide his customers with the best products available in the market today and their products are the most reasonably priced. Breathalyzer USA has an extensive alcohol tester collection that are all tested, proven and are available with a hundred percent money back guarantee. Breathalyzer USA ensures that they thoroughly check each and every product before it is available for the customers to purchase.

They continually aim to provide their customers with high quality products and their available accessories, tools and useful information that could help the customers save their own lives. They provide customers with information about DUI, why a replaceable sensor is needed, how to choose or shop for the best alcohol tester and much more. The alcohol tester collections are listed in separate categories on Breathalyzer USA's website in order to provide the customers with an easy shopping experience. The different categories online are alcomate accucell AL9000, alcomate core, alcomate prestige AL6000, alcomate premium AL7000, omega point breathkey G10 and alcoscan AL250. If customers are confused on which product will be the best for them then they can contact the company directly to speak with a live agent over phone. The customer service representative will assist the customers from the beginning until the end of the shopping experience ensuring customer satisfaction. From their featured items from the alcohol tester collections there is the alcomate prestige basic pack which is red in color. It is one of the very first alcohol testers to have a unique replaceable pre-calibrated alcohol sensor module.

The customers do not need to send the product back to a service center to have it replaced. In order to check the blood alcohol content the customers just need to turn it on and wait for a beep, blow in to the mouthpiece until they hear the second beep and in a few seconds they will receive their results on display with a red warning light flashing. This light will only flash when the blood alcohol level is more than 0.05%. This alcohol tester also has other unique features such as the active pressure sensor, a deep lung air sampling, a cumulative test counter, a low battery indicator, an auto power off feature and one way flow mouthpieces. All of the products that are available online at Breathalyzer USA are listed with pictures, prices and detailed descriptions about the product's features and technical specifications. Customers can easily shop for the desired product online and can even email their friends with page featuring their favorite alcohol tester. So visit their website today to find out more information about their products.