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Breathalyzers USA has developed a unique breathalyzer which does not need to be sent to the factory annually for re-calibration like other alcohol breathalyzers available on the market. During the past few years the personal alcohol breathalyzer has become very popular, but regularly costs the consumer to maintain it. This new kind of breathalyzer is a breakthrough in solving the maintenance problem.

Usually when a person buys a brand new alcohol breathalyzer, it begins to give incorrect readings within nine months. You might not know this but alcohol breathalyzers are supposed to be sent to the producer after every 6 to 12 months for re-calibration. The sensor module of the alcohol breathalyzers degrades with time and after a while its gets blocked with residue giving false readings.

The manufacturers charge usually 20 dollars to 40 dollars for the re -calibration of alcohol breathalyzers. In addition, you also have to pay the shipping cost. To avoid all the hassle, Breathalyzers USA has introduced AlcoMate Premium which totally removes the re-calibration process. The best feature about this breathalyzer is that you can just install a sensor module by yourself. It is as simple as changing a battery. All you have to do is open the small back panel, take out the old module and put in a new one. This is an easy and convenient solution as compared to sending it back to the company.

The AlocMate Premium alcohol breathalyzer has a four digit back lighted screen which makes it easy to read at any time and is designed in a way that you can carry it anywhere in your pocket. It has the same dimensions as of an Apple iPhone. These alcohol breathalyzers are ideal for health experts, law enforcing agents and other business owners. You can also buy a breathalyzer for your personal use.

If you decide to buy an alcohol breathalyzer then make sure it has been approved by FDA (Food and Drug Administration). An FDA approval means that the administration itself has tested it and the product does exactly what is written on the literature. Other departments which certify the alcohol breathalyzers are the Department of Transportation (DOT), the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and the United States Coast Guard.

There are a number of different varieties of alcohol breathalyzers which include hand - held or the key chain style. If you are looking for a key chain styled breathalyzer then the BreathKey by Omega Point Systems is a perfect choice. This is the only key chain breathalyzer which has been approved by the FDA. A breathalyzer is a must have device which can be of great help to you or a loved one in making the right decision. You can visit the website of Breathalyzers USA to learn more about the different kinds of alcohol breathalyzers along with their prices and images. For a breathalyzer to last you years, you first need to understand the very basics of this device. This will help you in choosing the right model to achieve perfect and reliable functioning every time.