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An alcohol breathalyzer is an essential device as it can save you from driving under the influence and will also help you in making the right choice about whether to drive. To buy the right breathalyzer, you should be aware of the working and properties of the device as there are different types of alcohol breathalyzers available online.

BreathalyzersUSA is a known company in providing the best quality of this product in various ranges. Recently, they have introduced a new type of alcohol breathalyzer which does not need to be re-calibrated at all. Breathalyzers are usually shipped back to the manufacturers for their recalibrations after 6 to 12 months. This step is necessary as they start to give incorrect readings only after 9 months. The sensor module is blocked with residue giving inaccurate readings. The trip to the manufacturer costs the breathalyzer owner 20 -40 dollars for its re-calibration plus the added expense of the shipping charges. BreathalyzersUSA have introduced AlcoMate Premium for the consumer's convenience as it totally eradicates the need for re-calibration. They have replaced the process of re-calibration with a disposable sensor module and is as simple as changing batteries. You simply open the back lid , take the module out and replace it with a new module. This model is convenient to carry around and is the same size as the Apple iPhone. It also has a four digit screen with a back light which makes it very easy to read the evaluation during the day or at night time. The alcohol breathalyzer is commonly used by medical professionals, law and order agents and businessmen. It is also available for individual use.

The best alcohol breathalyzer to use is the one which is approved by the Food and Drug administration (FDA) which means it is properly tested by them and the product functions exactly the way described on its literature. The other departments which approve the alcohol breathalyzers are DOT (Department of Transportation), NHSTA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) and the US coast guard.

You can find a wide range of alcohol breathalyzers on the website of BreathalyzersUSA along with a great deal of information on how to use and the best kind of breathalyzers to purchase. You can also check out the images, uses and the prices of the breathalyzers. A popular model on the website is the hand held or the key chain style alcohol breathalyzer. The key chain style breathalyzer is by the Omega Point System and is the only key chain type which is approved by FDA.

An alcohol breathalyzer is a useful gadget to have around. It can be of great assistance to you or one of your family members. One thing you should keep in mind is that you need to research well before buying an alcohol breathalyzer. BreathalyzersUSA has a very informative website which will instantly guide you to your desired breathalyzer. Order one today, it will keep unwanted DUI's away and just might be a life saver!