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What Our Customers Say About Us...

"Just wanted you to know that it's always a pleasure to do business with you and Breathalyzers USA. Thanks again for always assuring attention to our little orders and to maintaining this excellent personal and professional collaboration.".

Carol C.
Boston Detox Center
Boston, MA


"I took the breathalyzer with me the other night, 3 glasses of wine in a couple of hours and while still at the bar I blew a .10. I waited and BS'd for about 45 minutes and blew a .054. I love it. Thanks very very much for your expert and concerned help."

Robert O.
Ann Arbor, MI


"Thank you very much for your help in choosing a breathalyzer. It is much appreciated. If you would like me to fill out a customer service evaluation card just send me one and I will make note of your service, accuracy and consideration."

Rachael H.
Tacoma, WA


"Thank you. Integrity is still alive and well. I appreciate the way you conduct business. Have a great evening.

Rasheedah A.
Des Moines, IA


"Thanks much for answering my questions promptly and for the purchase discount code of 10off for the $10.00 discount. I will recommend your company for breathalyzer customers.

Lauren B.
Houston, TX


"I had a great experience in dealing with breathalyzers usa and would highly recommend them. They have proven more than willing to go the extra mile to ensure satisfaction. They will have my business in the future..

Cameron S.
Reynolds, ND


"Got the sensors and they work great. Thank you for your fantastic customer service.

Scott V.
Springville, UT


"We are very happy with the AlcoMate Premium breathalyzer. We have been using it for about two months now and have had no trouble with it at all. My order came quickly and I will order another AlcoMate Premium again when needed".

Major V. Dolby
Salvation Army
Parkersburg, WV


"The AlcoMate Premium I purchased from BreathalyzersUSA is working fine. It looks good and I love the professional case that comes with it. I use the tester for my business DUI evaluations and Alcohol and Drug assessments and counseling for the criminal courts and the secretary of state's driver licence bureau so the instrument I use has to be of certified quality. I chose the AlcoMate Premium because it meets those specifications and because of the user-changeable sensor module".

Larry M.
LLC Behavior Services
Grand Rapids, MI


"I would first like to thank you for the unbelievable customer service I received before I even made a purchase. You were able to help me find the perfect product for my needs. I received my AlcoMate Prestige as promised with the free two day shipping. The AlcoMate Prestige is great. I was definitely surprised with it's ease of use and accuracy. You cannot go wrong with this product".

Joshua W.
Bonaire, GA


"I appreciate your no-hassle approach and will recommend and give your URL to my friends who are interested in a breathalyzer".

Perry P.
Dewitt, MI


"Thanks for your prompt attention to my order. It was a pleasure doing business with your company and I look forward to your excellent customer service in the future".

David R.
Farmington Hills, MI