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The 7 Compelling Reasons Why You Should Buy Your Breathalyzer From BreathalyzersUSA!

Best Price Value -   When you buy a breathalyzer from BreathalyzersUSA we include 50 to 100 extra mouth pieces with most of our value packages. We also include an extra sensor with some packages at one-third the cost you’ll pay from most other stores…and that’s if they even carry them.

Quality Made for North America – When you buy from BreathalyzersUSA you can be sure you are getting a brand new breathalyzer that is made for the North American market.  Some AlcoMate breathalyzers sold in the US are purchased at discounted prices because they are made for Asian or European markets.  Although it may work fine when you first get it, when it comes time to replace a sensor or service the breathalyzer you are “plum out of luck”.

Money Back Guarantee – We guarantee every breathalyzer we sell.  If you’re not happy with it for any reason just send it back within 30 days for a full refund of the purchase price.

Helpful Knowledge - We know alcohol breathalyzers inside and out so we can help you make an informed decision when purchasing.  And when you have a question about testing, breathalyzer operation or service we are there to help you.  Try getting information about your breathalyzer from most on-line retailers.  You’ll be lucky if they even know what it is let alone answer a question about it.

Free Shipping – We offer Free 2-3 Day Air Shipping with all of our breathalyzers. And there are no special conditions required.  You don’t have to open up a special charge account or do anything extra to get Free shipping from us.  Order your breathalyzer and it will ship for Free.

Timely Shipping – If you place your order with us before 3:00 PM EST we usually ship the same day.  That means that 2 days later (on occasion 3 days) you have your new breathalyzer in your hands. With some on-line stores you may have to wait a week or two… or longer to get your breathalyzer.

·      Service & Support – There may come a time when your breathalyzer isn’t performing the way it should. Call us and we can often trouble shoot it right over the phone.  And if we can’t we’ll work with you to get your breathalyzer repaired or replaced. We stand behind the breathalyzers we sell 100%.

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