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Breathalyzer Buyer Beware! Accuracy Issue Revealed.

To maintain accuracy almost all breathalyzers require factory calibration every 6 to 12 months. This means you must pack it up and ship it back to the manufacturer at least once a year. What a pain!

But... there is an easy solution. Watch this short video below:

AlcoMate REVOOne of the main problems with using breathalyzers is that the alcohol sensor, no matter what type, requires periodic calibration. To maintain accuracy all breathalyzers including BACtrack, AlcoMate, Alcohawk, Lifeloc and all others require calibration at least once a year.

The problem is that the calibration process requires that the breathalyzer be packed up and shipped back to the manufacturer or taken to a professional service center where it is professionally calibrated, setting it back to original factory specifications.

AlcoMate Premium Full Pack Ultimate Deal
Finally there is a solution.

The AlcoMate REVO and AlcoMate Premium breathalyzers eliminates the delays and complications of calibration
. They incorporates a "Pre-Calibrated User-Replaceable Alcohol Sensor Module" that allows you to simply "change out" an old module and install a new one. You can replace the sensor in the REVO or Premium and have it back to reliable, accurate testing in less than a minute.

Here are some of the benefits of using a breathalyzer with a Pre-Calibrated Alcohol Sensor Module (PRISM Sensor):

* No aggravation of packing and shipping your breathalyzer
* No Delay and No Downtime
* No Residue Buildup (Which Calibration Service Cannot Remove)
* Replacing the Sensor Module means restoring it to "brand new" condition assuring accurate breathalyzer results

Introducing PRISM Sensor Technology

The new AlcoMate REVO is the only fuel-cell breathalyzer that incorporates PRISM technology. It is the most accurate breathalyzer for critical testing. It is best for police, drug and alcohol clinics, military and for high volume testing needs. It is also a great choice for consumers who want the very best. If you have an interlock installed in your vehicle and you want a hand-held breath alcohol tester for pre-testing we strongly recommend the REVO as it uses the same technology as most interlock breathalyzers.

AlcoMate REVO

The AlcoMate Premium AL7000 is an accurate and convenient breath alcohol testor that is great for many professional testing applications as well as a great choice for most consumers. Check any breathalyzer reviews and you will find the REVO and Premium rated at or near the top.

AlcoMate Premium

It is now easier than ever to change the sensor in both the REVO and the Premium. It takes less than a minute. PRISM Technology is only available with the AlcoMate REVO and AlcoMate Premium breathalyzers.