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Finally! An Alcohol Breathalyzer That Never Needs To Be Sent Back To The Factory Every Year For Re-Calibration Like Almost Every Other Alcohol Breathalyzer On The Market.

Personal alcohol breathalyzer use has become extremely popular over the past few years.  But there is an ongoing hidden cost and aggravation associated with maintaining alcohol breathalyzer accuracy.  Now the problem is solved with this Breathalyzer Breakthrough!

Nine months ago you went on-line and forked over a pretty good buck for a new alcohol breathalyzer.  Now, less than a year later, when you test yourself it's giving you wildly inaccurate readings.

Guess what. 

When you bought your new breathalyzer
no one told you that you'd have to send it back to the manufacturer every 6 to 12 months to have it re-calibrated.  But that's the case with almost every alcohol breathalyzer on the market.

All breathalyzers have a sensor module (the part of the breathalyzer that determines your blood-alcohol-content) that degrades over time.  Eventually it becomes clogged with residue making it less and less accurate.  In order to correct this problem you must ship almost every other alcohol breathalyzer back to the manufacturer.

That's right, you have to pack it up and ship it back to them. Pay the shipping cost. Pay their breathalyzer re-calibration fee (usually between $20 and $40). And then wait till they ship it back to you.  That's cost and aggravation you can do without.

Now there is a state-of-the-art alcohol breathalyzer available to consumers called the AlcoMate Premium that completely eliminates the re-calibration process.  It uses a sensor module that you can install yourself in under a minute.  It's as easy as changing a battery. 

Just flip open a small panel on the back.  Pop out the old sensor.  Pop in the new one and you're set to go.

The AlcoMate Premium alcohol breathalyzer also includes a four digit back-lighted readout making it easy to read day or night.  And it's the sleekest hand held unit available...about the same size as an Apple iPhone so it slips easily into your pocket.

The AlcoMate Premium breathalyzer combines advanced PRISM (Precalibrated Replaceable Intelligent Sensor Module) technology, professional accuracy and sleek, modern design into a convenient, easy-to-use device. It is suitable for health and law enforcement professionals and businesses as well as consumers seeking a top-notch product.

"If your budget will allow, this is the breathalyzer to get" 

For images, prices and to learn more about the ultimate alcohol breathalyzer check out the AlcoMate Premium.